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Bye bye KDE?

I have been using current KDE since most of my Linux time (having converted over from WindowMaker to KDE 2 back in 2002). But currently, I am seriously pondering to ditch KDE since KDE upstream seems to be wildly decided to kill KDE.

I have accidentally upgraded my desktop box to KDE4 because I missed putting KDE on hold before doing a major sid update after a couple of months. KDE4's first regression immediately showed itself - the right display doesn't get any attention from KDE. It just shows up in a grey checkerboard background, it doesn't have a panel, it doesn't have a menu, right click doesn't work. It looks like the only thing one can do with it is dragging windows onto it.

With help of #debian-kde, I quickly found out about this bug in Upstream Bugzilla, which is referred from #529487 and which was marked as Duplicate of this bug in upstream bugzilla, which is one and a half years old and was marked as "severity wishlist".

Despite the splendid job that the Debian KDE team has done to sort out the KDE4 mess, it looks like KDE upstream has managed to break Dual Head Setups for one and a half years and doesn't seem to be too interested in providing KDE4 in a way that it can be compared with past versions. This is very sad and will have me shopping for a new desktop environment soon, I am afraid.

Maybe it was not a so good idea to take away KDE 3 so soon and it might have been better to keep KDE 3 in Debian. Maybe it's time to re-introduce KDE 3 as co-installable packages? I would be willing to participate in this effort as a team member.

Which other Desktop Environments and/or Window Managers should I be shopping for? I'd like to have:

  • Dual-Head support (preferably with the possibility to switch desktops only on one display, but that's something that even KDE 3 cannot do yet)
  • Shortcuts like "gg:search words" or "wp:search words" to immediately open google, wikipedia, the BTS or the PTS
  • Overlapping windows that are not automatically resized
  • A terminal like konsole which allows me to have different session in tabs and to send my input to all tabs
  • A clipboard handler that will automatically pop up a window asking me whether I want to open the URL that I just marked in a browser
  • Integration with the Debian menu system
  • I will try adding to this list over the next days when I notice a feature that I have accustomed to so badly that I don't even notice any more when I'm using it.

The grub drama

This is a rant. A rant which goes to the grub maintainers, and one that could go nearly identically to many people in the KDE environment or many other open source projects.

I really like grub. I really like grub 0.97 despite that it's been unmaintained for years and not booting on two of my important machines. I should like grub 2 because its configuration looks more straightforward and for its better features - direct booting of .iso images, from LVM and RAID. But actually, I have learned to hate grub 2 since it is not finished and badly documented, and that its existence is already being used as an excuse for grub 0's development having stopped years ago (and it being renamed to "grub-legacy" to clearly show that it's the unloved child) - and things looks like this is not going to change any time soon.

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Concurrently playing sounds still an issue in 2007?

Dear Lazyweb, which burning hoops need I to jump through to be able to listen to music played by Amarok without having to disable the KDE sound system in Control Panel before?

If I don't, Amarok complains that it cannot initialize any sound driver."

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s9y als Partylog gescheitert

Letztes Wochenende war ich auf dem d.t.r.-Treffen in Röhrenspring im schönen Sauerland. Abgesehen davon, dass an dieser Location kein Mobilfunknetz verfügbar war, empfand ich das lange Wochenende als wunderschön.

Traditionell wird auf dtr-Parties ein Partylog geschrieben. Was ursprünglich ein Notebook mit offenem Editor war, ist inzwischen eine von Stefan geschriebene kleine PHP-Anwendung, die den Inhalt einer TEXTAREA direkt in ein Textfile schreibt - was einmal geschrieben ist, kann nicht mehr geändert werden.

Da Stefan diesmal erst später dazustößt, habe ich mir ein paar Gedanken gemacht und ein Notebook vorbereitet, das als Partylog dienen soll. Dabei hatte ich die Idee, aus dem Partylog ein Partyblog zu machen, und habe s9y eingesetzt.

Die Idee finde ich immer noch klasse, aber sie wurde nicht akzeptiert.

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my notebook pure unstable again

After using the unofficial kde 3.4 packages from alioth for some months, I have migrated back to Debian unstable on the weekend, and my main work machine is now plain sid again. That means that I am running and official transitioned kde 3.4, and can finally report bugs against the official setup again. So, kde and people, brace for impact of bug reports and keep up your excellent work.

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