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my notebook pure unstable again

After using the unofficial kde 3.4 packages from alioth for some months, I have migrated back to Debian unstable on the weekend, and my main work machine is now plain sid again. That means that I am running and official transitioned kde 3.4, and can finally report bugs against the official setup again. So, kde and people, brace for impact of bug reports and keep up your excellent work.

Implementing the kde transition on my box meant, however, uninstalling a bunch of packages that are not yet transtioned. kaffeine, my main kde drug, was easily solved by locally building the package against transitioned libaries, and the rest are only packages I can live without for a short period of time.

Maintainers of:

  • arson
  • filelight
  • hotswap-gui
  • kaffeine
  • karbon
  • kcd
  • kchart
  • kdirstat
  • kformula
  • kivio
  • komba2
  • kompose
  • konserve
  • kpresenter
  • krecord
  • krusader
  • kspread
  • ksynaptics
  • kugar
  • kwavecontrol
  • kwirelessmonitor
  • kword
  • kxmleditor
  • swscanner
  • wordtrans-kde

your packages need to implement the library transition or they're going to stay unuseable with current unstable.

I am particularly surprised that koffice has not yet made the transition.

This list has already shortened by three packages last night, so it's good to see things moving in the right direction.

One other nice episode: For my kaffeine rebuild, I wanted to build libdvdcss locally as well since I had an ancient version installed. I didn't, however, find the sources for that package anywhere, so I asked aloud "who is Sam Hocevar" in the room without really thinking. Since I happened to be in the "Hack Center" of the Debian QA Meeting at that time, everybody was laughing hard when Sam said "that's me" from two tables across. Naturally, I had a working libdvdcss and kaffeine a few minutes later. Thanks, guys! ;-)


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maks on :

please nmu such packages. it helps everybody. :-)

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