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One syslog entry you don't want to see

Dec 29 11:23:51 scyw00225 kernel: Critical temperature reached (4822 C), shutting down.

Right after your system has shut down while booting up in the early morning.


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Hans Bonfigt on :

Conclusion:\nNEVER let software developers react on a critical condition because this will change te actual state from 'bad' to 'worse'.\n\nMy favourite this year:\nA dust filter was monitored by both a PDH (pressure differential high) and a PDAH (pressure differential alarm high). A maintenance technician "cleaned" the filter by means of settig the PDH defunct.\nAfter some time, the filter was nearly tight and the PDAH was triggered. But nothing happened because the system programmer proepped similar like ihis:\n\nif (PDH)\n set ERRCONDITION\n if (PDAH)\n set ABORTCONDITION\n end if\nend if\n\nHoly Moly.\n\nHappy new year ...

Jon on :

I'm assuming (hoping) that ~4000 celcius is completely wrong here...

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