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Concurrently playing sounds still an issue in 2007?

Dear Lazyweb, which burning hoops need I to jump through to be able to listen to music played by Amarok without having to disable the KDE sound system in Control Panel before?

If I don't, Amarok complains that it cannot initialize any sound driver."

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Recording digital audio with Linux impossible?

Dear Lazyweb, in late 2001, I bought a shiny new computer to replace my VHS VCR and to finally help me in getting my last 200 hours worth of music form analog audio tapes into the digital domain. I have to admit that I have failed to do this.

While the TV ambitions were originally spoiled with the rotten Windows TV software that came with the Hauppauge PVR PCI card, audio with windows used to work rather decently. Until I decided to ditch Windows and to use Linux. Which looks like a mistake. Not even the audio stuff works any more.

I have bought a new TV card and a new sound card, but all I currently get (with the old sound card, btw) are audio recordings that sound way too fast.

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