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aide 0.11 in unstable

After over two years without a release, and after having release candidates in experimental since October, aide 0.11 was released a few days ago, and I have just uploaded 0.11-1 to unstable. This time, I even haven't forgotten to use the -v option to svn-buildpackage to have the changelog entries for the package versions uploaded to experimental in the unstable upload notice as well.

aide is the Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, a program which compares the real state of the file system with a database which holds various file attributes such as inode data and/or cryptographic checksums. In 2005, the Debian maintainer of aide, Mike Markley, has accepted me as a co-maintainer, and since I have done the biggest part of the work in the last months, I have adopted the package as responsible maintainer in January 2006. Mike is still listed in Uploaders and can commit to our alioth svn, though.

My daily wtf. today: cron.daily/aide

if [ -n "$NOISE" ]; then
        NOISETMP=`tempfile --directory "/tmp" --prefix "aidenoise"`
        NOISETMP2=`tempfile --directory "/tmp" --prefix "aidenoise"`
        sed -n "1,/^Detailed information about changes:/p; "$LOGDIR/$LOGFILE" | grep "^\\(changed|removed|added\\):" | grep -v "^added: THERE WERE ALSO [0-9]\\+ FILES ADDED UNDER THIS DIRECTORY" > $NOISETMP2

        if [ -n "$NOISE" ]; then
                < $NOISETMP2 grep -v "^\\(changed|removed|added\\):$NOISE" > $NOISETMP
                rm -f $NOISETMP2
                echo "De-Noised output removes everything matching $NOISE"
                mv $NOISETMP2 $NOISETMP
                echo "No noise expression was given."

Too bad that a shell doesn't complain about unreachable code. I must have smoked some very strange stuff when submitting that patch to aide years ago.

aide 0.10-9 in experimental

After taking over aide co-maintainership in January and successfully convincing Mike to put the project on alioth, I have done some work on aide and have uploaded 0.10-8 on September 18 and 0.10-9 on September 27 to experimental.

These two versions acknowledge the two NMUs we recently had and fix some issues that I thought would be worth fixing. Please test. I plan on uploading to unstable on a week, if no bad goofs surface during the experimental phase.

Unfortunately, aide's upstream is quite dead, so it is unlikely that any upstream bugs will get fixed without you submitting patches.

Next step will be convincing Mike to allow creation of a pkg-aide-maintainers mailing list for the Maintainer:-Field, so that messages sent to the maintainer field instead of can reach me as well.

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