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aide 0.10-9 in experimental

After taking over aide co-maintainership in January and successfully convincing Mike to put the project on alioth, I have done some work on aide and have uploaded 0.10-8 on September 18 and 0.10-9 on September 27 to experimental.

These two versions acknowledge the two NMUs we recently had and fix some issues that I thought would be worth fixing. Please test. I plan on uploading to unstable on a week, if no bad goofs surface during the experimental phase.

Unfortunately, aide's upstream is quite dead, so it is unlikely that any upstream bugs will get fixed without you submitting patches.

Next step will be convincing Mike to allow creation of a pkg-aide-maintainers mailing list for the Maintainer:-Field, so that messages sent to the maintainer field instead of can reach me as well.

For completeness sage, here is the change log:

aide (0.10-9) experimental; urgency=low

  • Only invoke update-aide.conf from wrapper if no --config option was given. Thanks to Bob Proulx and Al Nikolov. (mh) Closes: #293457
  • Invoke update-aide.conf from daily cronjob, invoke update-aide.conf from aideinit if no special --config option was given. Thanks to David Robb, Rolf Kutz, Herbert Thielen, Bob Proulx, and Hadmut Danisch. (mh) Closes: #293073, #293456, #299765
  • Change Debconf template so that the hint to /etc/default/aide doesn't appear as a question. Thanks to the anonymous bug reporter. (mh) Closes: #315630.
  • Remove artificial libc6 dependency. aide is statically linked and does not depend on libc at all. Re-enable debhelper magic. Thanks to Santiago Vila. (mh) Closes: #298303
  • New Vietnamese debconf translation thanks to Clytie Siddall. (mh) Closes: #313017
  • New Czech debconf translation thanks to Miroslav Kure. (mh) Closes: #315819
  • Lower debconf priorities. Thanks to Maximilian Attems. (mh) Closes: #295190
  • Ship with empty NOISE in /etc/defaults/aide. Thanks to Herbert Thielen, Christophe Chisogne and Ralf Hildebrandt. (mh) Closes: #260942
  • Move AIDEARGS to /etc/defaults/aide. (mh) Closes: #247686
  • More manpage fixes to aide.1. Thanks to Sven Hoexter. (mh) Closes: #312671
  • remove po-debconf woody backporting helper, use misc:Depends for debconf dependency to no longer hinder cdebconf migration.

aide (0.10-8) experimental; urgency=low

  • acknowledge NMUs 0.10-6.1 and 0.10-6.2. Thanks guys.
  • move development to alioth SVN repository, import Mike's CVS
  • Include pl.po and zh_TW.po in repository which weren't there. Forgotten cvs add? (mh)
  • Less aggressive removals of files on purge. (mm)
  • Move upstream patches to debian/patches, use dpatch. (mh)
  • Standards-Version: 3.6.2 (no changes necessary). (mh)
  • put quotes around .IP parameters in man pages to get rid of errors. (mh)
  • fix broken /usr/doc handling in prerm, remove bashisms. (mh)
  • Add debugging code to maintainer scripts. (mh)
  • Call update-aide.conf in postinst before creating database. (mh)

aide (0.10-7) unstable; urgency=low

  • Added errormessage() function to update-aide.conf (Closes: #300454)


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Francesc Guasch on :

I noticed this warning on stderr when running aide with --config: not updating aide configuration since manual config option was given

I wonder if that is the normal behaviour ? It didn't happen with aide 0.10-6.1.

Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber on :

This is part of the fix for #293073, #293456 and #299765. Most of our scripts now automatically invokes update-aide.conf if the user has not asked to use a special config file (which you did). In these cases, update-aide.conf does not make sense since the user has asked to use a different config anyway.

As the information message seems to be misleading, how should the wording be?

Francesc Guasch on :

I'm sorry I didn't read the bug reports. I recently subscribed to debian-devel. Now I see the purpose of update-aide.conf. Thinking about the way I use aide I think I don't need any message.

Maybe there are cases when this message is needed that I fail to see.

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