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aide 0.11 in unstable

After over two years without a release, and after having release candidates in experimental since October, aide 0.11 was released a few days ago, and I have just uploaded 0.11-1 to unstable. This time, I even haven't forgotten to use the -v option to svn-buildpackage to have the changelog entries for the package versions uploaded to experimental in the unstable upload notice as well.

aide is the Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, a program which compares the real state of the file system with a database which holds various file attributes such as inode data and/or cryptographic checksums. In 2005, the Debian maintainer of aide, Mike Markley, has accepted me as a co-maintainer, and since I have done the biggest part of the work in the last months, I have adopted the package as responsible maintainer in January 2006. Mike is still listed in Uploaders and can commit to our alioth svn, though.


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