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More personal stuff on Planet Debian

To keep non-Debian-related articles from showing up on Planet Debian, my blog used to have a Debian-English category which was subscribed to Planet Debian. This also meant that only English-Language, and Debian-related articles showed up there which made my kind of an irregular contributor. I'm going to change this.

Recent Serendipity have the possibility to free-tag articles and generate RSS-Feeds for these tags. After using tags for a few weeks, I am now reasonably comfortable to put them to real use. A new tag planet-debian will be generated and subscribed to Planet Debian. And then I'm going to tag articles that I decide to put up to Planet Debian with this tag.

To avoid old articles from showing up again, I'll refrain from tagging them planet-debian.

This also means that the "Debian-English" category is going to disappear and to be replaced by "Debian" (or even other categories). An additional tag "english" is going to appear on english language articles. So you can now choose whether you want to read only my english articles.

btw, what's the stance of Planet Debian about non-Debian articles and/or native language (in my case: German) on the Planet?