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Flooding Planet Debian?

The host hosting,, was down due to a network failure in the hoster's network for a few minutes today around 2 pm CEST.

After returning, I found a lot of my syndicated articles anew on Planet Debian, known as the "flood" phenomenon. Is it possible that the Planet software does react in a non-graceful way when an RSS feed cannot be pulled?

Mako, can you investigate this?

Old articles appearing on Debian Planet

Well, after reconfiguring my blog on Debian Planet, a few old articles have shown up again. Most probably the Planet had forgotten about having seen these articles before I left Planet weeks ago.

It isn't so bad, since most of the articles are still current - adduser is still beingn worked on, exim4 needs GnuTLS knowhow desperately, and clamav-data packages are still being built automatically for volatile.

(temporarily) leaving

On numerous requests, I am temporarily deconfiguring my RSS feed from Looks like there is an incompatibility between p.d.o and serendipity which causes dupes to appear on the planet.

Some people think that the dupes are more annoying than my articles are worth reading. So, I am leaving.