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(temporarily) leaving

On numerous requests, I am temporarily deconfiguring my RSS feed from Looks like there is an incompatibility between p.d.o and serendipity which causes dupes to appear on the planet.

Some people think that the dupes are more annoying than my articles are worth reading. So, I am leaving.


Zugschlusbeobachtungen on : I'm back, hopefully dupless

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Since leaving, I have moved my blog to my own s9y installation on my own server, and am thus able to debug s9y and to make\nmodifications to my installation.I am therefore returning to Planet, and hope that my blog won’t cause any


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Wong PoKér Hu Online on :

When you get back, I hope you will be able to read this. I have been having problems dealing with Serendipity these past weeks, but I think Serendipity's slowly getting better. It is now compatible with almost everything that I'm using. Come back soon and write more. I like the blog.

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