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My daily wtf. today: cron.daily/aide

if [ -n "$NOISE" ]; then
        NOISETMP=`tempfile --directory "/tmp" --prefix "aidenoise"`
        NOISETMP2=`tempfile --directory "/tmp" --prefix "aidenoise"`
        sed -n "1,/^Detailed information about changes:/p; "$LOGDIR/$LOGFILE" | grep "^\\(changed|removed|added\\):" | grep -v "^added: THERE WERE ALSO [0-9]\\+ FILES ADDED UNDER THIS DIRECTORY" > $NOISETMP2

        if [ -n "$NOISE" ]; then
                < $NOISETMP2 grep -v "^\\(changed|removed|added\\):$NOISE" > $NOISETMP
                rm -f $NOISETMP2
                echo "De-Noised output removes everything matching $NOISE"
                mv $NOISETMP2 $NOISETMP
                echo "No noise expression was given."

Too bad that a shell doesn't complain about unreachable code. I must have smoked some very strange stuff when submitting that patch to aide years ago.


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