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Debian Linux Kernel Handboook

Jurij Smakov et al have published the Debian Linux Kernel Handbook, which will help in documenting the internals of the Debian Linux Kernel build process. The document is still work in progress with a lot of sections missing, but it's a giant step in the right direction.

Outside of the already finished document structure, I'd like to see the following things documented:

  • How to work with the Debian kernel svn
  • Documentation of the Debian kernel patches themselves, besides the succinct "fix off-by-one-error in foo.c". I'd like to see at least CAN numbers, and/or links to a document which allows one to choose whether to take a certain patch into a local kernel or not. The Debian kernel team has repeatedly rejected that request on grounds that they don't like to support cherry picking, which I find pretty disappointing.

I am also mildly disturbed that kernel-package, Manojs helper to build Linux kernel binaries seems to have fallen out of the kernel team's process completely, which makes me think why we have such a great and helpful external tool in the first place when we're not even using it ourselves.

At least, the document shows clearly where the Debian Linux Kernels are going to, and that I'll have to adapt my local kernel building processes to get nearer to Debian's official way of doing things.


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