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Which kind of software suspend?

My notebook is an hp compaq nc8000 running Debian unstable, and I'd like to know whether it is "already" possible to use software suspend (hibernation). To my knowledge, there is a lot of different ways to do suspension, all of them differently broken and/or incompatible.

I't like to run with an unpatched vanilla kernel, use suspend-to-ram and suspend-to-disk according to my choice at suspend time, and have the notebook wake up with the X session unhampered and the important hardware (sound, synaptics) still useable. Additional bonus points if wireless and/or wired network remains useable and USB/PCMCIA devices don't need an unplug/plug cycle.

Which solutions should I investigate, which web pages should I read?

Is parallel bootup already useable?

I am wondering whether it is currently possible to run a personal laptop with Debian unstable and some init scheme that allows parallel startup of the services. Naturally, it would be very good to start the X server early to be able to log in faster.

Is this concept ready for testing and use? Which packages should I investigate? Any URLs that might be enlightning?