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On 250 GB in an old notebook

For some reason, this article written in late 2008 remained unpublished. It's therefore kind of outdated.

When I took over my former work notebook (an hp nc 8000) from my (now former) company, one of the first things I did was swapping its old 120 GB disk for a new 250 GB disk. 250 GB is the biggest disk one can get in the 2.5 form factor with a PATA interface, and there is only one disk in the market, and it's made by WD. So I didn't have much of a choice and ordered one in mid August 2008. It has been working fine until it died this Friday, a mere three months after buying it. This wrecked much of my Friday and the entire weekend for me since I spent the days being a data wrangler, and without my main work tool.

This disk death was the second one this week after having one 40 GB disk (purchased in 2001) die in my other notebook on monday. I've really had it with hardware for the time being.

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