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PowerDNS (pdns) 3.3-1~exp1 in Debian experimental

I have just uploaded PowerDNS 3.3-1~exp1 to Debian experimental. This new upstream version has introduced its own include directive, so Debian was able to drop its patch. Hence, our conffiles had to grow a .conf extension, which most of them didn't have in previous version.

If anybody wants to test updates from PowerDNS 3.1 to the new 3.3-1~exp1 in Debian unstable, please go ahead and report bugs in the Debian BTS. The package is known to not offer seamless DNSSEC, I'll work on that before I upload to unstable.

While we're at it: I would appreciate help with the PostgreSQL backend. Myself, I use mainly MySQL and am not too proficient in PostgreSQL. I'll accept both patches and more formal co-maintenance.

Wie man Applikationen IPv6-kompatibel macht

Bert Hubert hat geblogged. Und zwar darüber, worauf man achten muss, wenn man seine Applikation IPv6 kompatibel machen möchte. Bei der IPv6isierung von PowerDNS ist er wohl in einige Fallen getappt und hat das, was er dabei gelernt hat, öffentlich gemacht. Das Ding ist auch kurz genug, um es auch dann zu lesen, wenn man eigentlich kein Entwickler ist.

Next PowerDNS version for Debian ready for testing

I have published PowerDNS version 3.1-1.0 on

This is a preliminary package and a release candidate to be 3.1-2 in Debian. If you're interested in PowerDNS on Debian, please test this package.

I plan to upload next week. This package will vanish from the web server once the package is visible in Debian.