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PowerDNS (pdns) 3.3-1~exp1 in Debian experimental

I have just uploaded PowerDNS 3.3-1~exp1 to Debian experimental. This new upstream version has introduced its own include directive, so Debian was able to drop its patch. Hence, our conffiles had to grow a .conf extension, which most of them didn't have in previous version.

If anybody wants to test updates from PowerDNS 3.1 to the new 3.3-1~exp1 in Debian unstable, please go ahead and report bugs in the Debian BTS. The package is known to not offer seamless DNSSEC, I'll work on that before I upload to unstable.

While we're at it: I would appreciate help with the PostgreSQL backend. Myself, I use mainly MySQL and am not too proficient in PostgreSQL. I'll accept both patches and more formal co-maintenance.