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Why translate Debian stuff to German?

Disclaimer: I am not comfortable with technical documents in my native language, German. I generally find German translations of technical stuff clumsy, overly complicated and badly worded. I might have a "special" feeling for the language, but some output of translators is just too bad to tolerate.

For example, I constantly keep stumbling over the german translation of the Debian security team FAQ, which I consider horrendously badly done. Especially the use of the german word "Gutachten", which basically means "opinion" in the legal sense (as the document produced by an expert called by a court of law) to translate "advisory" is a very very bad choice. My toes curl when I read the german version.

In April 2005, I suggested to the German translation team to review the translation of the security team FAQ. I might not have chosen the right wording for that request, but besides a lot of flamage and "the translation is just fine", I received the usual "send a patch". Which I did in April 2005.

No answer. In October 2005, I asked again, and received answer from the translator that my patch was just too intrusive. Well, a bad translation was rewritten, and the bad translation is still being used.

Consequences for me? I'm not going to bother any more about German translations. English is just fine, and when somebody needs a German translation, I'm going to translate the stuff myself. Pointing people to the official German translations is just too embarrassing. A pity.