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About developers with no interest in their users

After months of complete silence, ICQ spam has started again. Unfortunately, it is not even possible to put these people on ignore since kopete does seem to have lost its ignore option. Or, at least, I cannot find it any more in the menus. At least, kopete doesn't show a message from a new contact before one has decided whether to add or not to add the new contact. A very good idea. Not.

I decided to query #kopete on freenode where the Ignore button has gone to. But, I didn't get any information. They said "your kopete, 0.11.1, is old. Please update to 0.12, this is the supported version."

WTF? I am using Debian unstable, with has the latest released KDE, and kopete 0.11.1 is part of current kdenetwork. And the developers refuse support for a package which has been built a mere six weeks ago? Have these people lost their grasp with reality? This sooooo ridiculous.

Is there any other useable ICQ client that integrates well with KDE?