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Please test exim4 from experimental

I have uploaded exim4 4.67-2 to experimental. Lots of changes and improvements. Quite some changes have gone into the Debconf stuff (for example, the split/unsplit config question is not asked first any more), and into update-exim4.conf (including input sanitazion, transformation of input to lower case, and getting rid of the DEBCONFsomethingDEBCONF stuff in the configuration).

I'd like you to test the experimental package before I upload to unstable (probably on sunday). Please report your findings.

exim4 (4.67-2) experimental; urgency=low

  • update-exim4.conf:
    • finally get rid of the DEBCONFfooDEBCONF stuff. That information is now passed to the configuration by ue4c by directly setting exim macros in the configuration. This has caused both the configuration and ue4c to be much shorter.
    • run with -e, -C and -u.
    • convert input read from update-exim4.conf.conf to lower case
    • barf if strange characters are found in ue4cc. Closes: #400294
  • Remove superfluous "x$foo" = "xbar" constructs from scripts
  • Add routers to reject mail to accounts with low UID. Closes: #400790.
  • Make daily cron job barf if /usr/bin/mail is not found. Have exim4-base recommend mailx. Closes: #427960
  • Have all -daemon packages provide exim4-localscanapi-1.0 and exim4-localscanapi-1.1 as requested by Magnus Holmgren while fixing #426425. Also include exim4-localscan-plugin-config script with exim4-dev. Thanks to Magnus for helping with this. Closes: #428274
  • remove /etc/exim4/email-addresses symlink and document this. Thanks to Josip Rodin. Closes: #420578
  • introduce conf.d/250exim4-configlowuid which optionally allows to reject (or alias away) mail to low-uid accounts that are not listed in an exception list. Thanks to Dominic Hargreaves, Marc Sherman and Ross Boylan. Closes: #400790, #307768, #331716
  • remove versioned depends on cron, since the version we need is well before sarge.
  • Add cron | fcron dependency. Fcron is going to be removed again at the first sign of trouble. Closes: #381806
  • remove moveexim3spool debconf template. Closes: #391762
  • replace openssl gendh with openssl dhparam. Closes: #413235
  • adapt docs, README and manpages
  • have Hilko fix the lynx-dump postprocessing to repair generating README.Debian text version. Thanks!
  • increase README.Debian generation robustness. Thanks to Hilko.
  • debconf:

    • Partly apply Christian Perrier's patch for reviewed templates and control file. Closes: #426980
    • Other minor template changes.
    • get rid of "mails" in debconf templates, use "messages" instead. Re-word local_interface debconf template. Other minor changes. Thanks to Jens Seidel and Christian Perrrier. Closes: #394976
    • re-work exim4-config.config logic to have split/non-split config asked last instead of first. This partly addresses #410756.
    • Add exim4-daemon-heavy.templates, exim4-daemon-light.templates and exim4.templates to
    • Re-Word dcotherhostnames debconf template. Thanks to Hans G. Ehrbar. Closes: #421860
    • translation updates:
      • French
      • Ukrainian. Closes: #427793
      • Bulgarian.
      • Thai.
      • Galician.
      • Swedish.
      • Punjabi.
      • Indonesian.
      • Italian.
      • Khmer.
      • Traditional Chinese. Closes: #428072, #428069.
      • Portuguese.
      • Simplified Chinese. Closes: #428072, #428069.
      • Marathi

    -- Marc Haber <> Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:00:38 +020 0


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Bernd Wachter on :

I don't get how you fixed #427960 (xfig-bug) by checking if /usr/bin/mail exists and suggesting mailx

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