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You scored as Spock. You are Spock. You have great depth and intelligence. You strive to be the best you can be, and expect no less from others. You prize self-control and rational thought above all else. It is difficult to get to know you, but once someone penetrates your shell you are capable of great love, and are loyal to the death. Beware of asceticism--which you are prone to; sensual experience will make you a healthier, more well-rounded person.



Nurse Chapel




Pavel Chekov


Captain Kirk


Montgomery Scott--"Scotty"


Dr. McCoy


Hikaru Sulu


Which Star Trek Character Are You?
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Das war ja nun nicht wirklich überraschend.

Und nun bitte ein Quiz mit den Figuren aus den neuen Serien.


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Und weil es gerade so schön ist, gleich noch einer dieser allseits beliebten Tests, diesmal via Zugschlus: You scored as Uhura. You are Lieutenant Uhura. Wow, you are a sweety. You are a quiet supporter of those you care about, and are always read

Verkabelt on : Ich bin Captain Kirk!

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Grad gesehen auf Zugschlus' blog You scored as Captain Kirk. You are Captain Kirk. You are driven by your ideals. You have a daring soul with great potential, but you won't get far without good friends to save your ass when you try to face down a horde of


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