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The recently released security update of Xfree86 for sarge has made something happen what I have been fearing for years: Gazillions of systems downloading the update have slashdotted, which is now sluggishly responding for the second day in a row.

This doesn't make my cron-apts happy, which in turn bury me under error message e-mails. Ungood, since one might miss an important update in the avalanche of "cannot pull packages.gz from" mails.

This experience has shown that having a single point of failure is not as good of an idea as we thought. I am afraid that the security team will have to reconsider and to finally establish mirrors for to spread the load.

Update: After reading much of the discussion about the topic, I find it strange that nobody besides me blogged about the issue, but we actually have an official announcement about the sdo outage. Very good.

Establishing a mirror network for sdo is not quite easy since unlike for the main archive, we cannot use "randomly offered" mirroring services, but we need the sdo mirrors under our control. Main reason for this is that we need sdo mirrors to be fast, because people would begin to complain that an update has not yet hit the mirrors after the advisory has gone out. Already today, it frequently happens that the cron-apt processes have detected an update quite some time before the release of the actual advisory, and you don't want the process to take even longer. Even push mirroring is way too slow.

I like the idea of not establishing mirrors, but caching proxies distributed around the world, so that the issue of a mirror pulse simply vanishes: The proxy would fetch the update on the first incoming request, and deliver from its local cache for some time before looking on the actual sdo server again whether the file is still current. Neat idea.


YellowLeds Weblog on : Sicherheitsdienst geplättet

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Wie in Debian-News leider (noch) nicht, wohl aber schon bei Zugschlus zu lesen ist, ist derzeit halbwegs platt. Da der Server für die unerlässlichen Sicherheitsupdates über keinerlei Mirrors verfügt, hat das aktuelle Update von XFree

Zugschlusbeobachtungen on : Delegates, Communicate!

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Today, over the day, access to was intermittent as usual in the last few weeks. But this afternoon, things suddenly got much worse. All my cron-apt installations on and behind firewalls began to yell at me that was c


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lsr on :

Absolut off-topic: Nachdem auf der GRML-Website jetzt (endlich) eine Erklaerung fuer die rls-Namen steht, bin ich auch auf diese Website gestossen. Und finde einerseits die Meldungen (Zugverspaetungen - bin selber Oeffi-Fahrer) als auch den Stil absolut erfrischend :-).

Carl on :

If I may ask a simple question: How can I go upon adding cron-apts for my machine?

Sorry for the newb question, lol.

Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber on :

How about searchin the list of available packages?

Steve on :

How about shutting the fuck up?

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