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Did you read the documentation?

Found on exim-users:

My advice as a new exim4 / debian user myself is to read the documentation first. Then read the documentation. (There is a lot of it.) Read the documentation, or some people might point out that you have not read the documentation.

Thanks, Jeremiah Foster, this has just made my day.


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Anonymous on :

Made my day, too.\n\nIf I see disclaimers like this, two things are tooo obvious:\n\nFirst off, "We do not have a reasonable concept and so we built in more and more features without having any clue what we really want to do".\n\n2nd off, "We think we are very, very important. We are the most important people in the world ans so it's quite obvious for us to know that all problems that arise with exim are the result of insufficient study of lots of documentations"\n\nDiscarding such a pagage effectively solves this problem - 'apt-get install ssmtp' did the trick for me.\n\nThank you for this clever advice, Marc !\n\n\nGreets,Hans

Hans Bonfigt on :

Sorry, I did not read the documentation and so forgot to fill in my name.

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