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About Acronyms and non-Acronyms?

I keep wondering why people keep writing HUB, WEB and SPAM, where the correct technical terms are Hub, Web and Spam. Neither of the three expressions is an acronym.

Well, SPAM is, but Spiced Pork and Ham is a Trademark of Hormel Industries, and they ask people not to use their trademark to talk about Unsolicited Commercial/Bulk E-Mail on the Internet. They do, however, allow the expression Spam to be used for UCE/UBE.

Any idea why people keep treating Hub and Web as an acronym? It disturbes my reading tremendously.


Zugschlusbeobachtungen on : Who is this Daniel Sturm guy anyway?

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One of my last articles, About Acronyms and non-Acronyms, has drawn some comments. One of the first\ncommentator was Daniel Sturm, whom I am not aware of knowing, suggesting that I get a life. Well, this is valuable advice, and I chose to allow the


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Daniel Sturm on :

who cares, get a life

Azundris on :

Ach, es gibt ja auch Leute, die DER blog schreiben, obwohl es das web und das Log- bzw. Tagebuch sind.

Chris Cunningham on :

It's because people are stupid, and illiterate, and instead of actually figuring out which words are acronyms and which aren't, they just treat any proper noun of four letters or less as an acronym. And yes, this is maddening.

  • Chris

Daniel Sturm on :

you seem to have no real problems in your life

Jürgen R. Plasser on :


there are many different categories to problems. And you really do not need to read this post if you don't like it.

Kudos to Marc, I love to read your blog and enjoy even those "marginal" discussion like this one. Especially because I think you are right.

Thilde on :

Any idea why people keep treating Hub and Web as an acronym?

IMO the combination of

  • not knowing exactly if the mentioned words are acronyms or not
  • having read many TLAs and
  • the will to express oneself correctly

leads to this phenomenon.

It disturbes my reading tremendously.

It is indeed stunning.

Roshan Shariff on :

I suppose people think that such pithy three-letter words couldn't possibly encompass such big concepts, and that there must be some long and complicated expansion to do them justice...

I don't know, maybe "Heuristic Universal Broadcaster", "Wideband Encephaloform Bus", and "Sentient and Pernicious Automated Mail"?

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