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git workflow trial environment

git is an unbelievably powerful tool which is unfortunately rather picky in choosing its friends. Documentation is available in copious amounts and this blog article adds to the mountain.

Unfortunately, the documentation out there always assumes the ideal case: A small project, a handful of colleagues who are motivated and doing the right thing, a workflow agreement that matches the work to be done and no mistakes. Reality is different, and so you might find yourself wedged in broken workflows, surrounded by unwilling or incompetent cow-orkers and/or a git repository that has grown historically and still is carrying the burden of misguided work of decades.

In this blog article, I'd like to introduce you to my way of trying things with git. It allows you to easily do things in the right and in the wrong way while immediately seeing the results of your actions. Let me know whether it's of any help for you to grok git (which I have not fully managed yet).

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