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kbd seems to be the way to go

This is just a small reminder (for me and others) that Debian is currently migrating from console-tools to kbd (back again, yes, those who have been around for a few years remember).

This information is obviously a closely-guarded secret. Console-tools is still Priority: important, and kbd is still Priority: extra. However, kbd seems to be much better maintained (current uploads happening, while console-log has seen its last maintainer upload two years ago), and unfortunately, neither package description suggests which package is the way to go. And Debian-installer still installs console-tools by default.

However, a few bugs were filed a year ago by the console-tools maintainer to drop console-tools from depends as console-tools is going away. So I guess that he knows what he's doing...

Before I get around to adding console-tools back to console-log's depends (as I almost did accidentally), I'll better blog this to remind people of console-log going away. Maybe we'll get the Priorities changed just in time for lenny.


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