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Bounce from BTS to BTS

Sometimes a bug report is a labyrinth. #348046 is an example of this. It is a horrible mess of at least three different issues with half of the original participants having become unresponsive. I would like to pull the issues apart into different bug reports to be able to deal with them (and their probably unresponsive submitters) individually.

Obviously, cloning and renaming is not an option since this copies the mess.

So, it would probably be desireable to download the bug mbox and to bounce individual messages to new bugs (that have been created before), but the BTS recognizes the dupes and bins them. Blars has helped me by looking at BTS mail log, so it was clear that removing the X-Loop, X-Debian-PR, X-Spam, Resent- and Received headers from the mbox before loading it into mutt to do the actual bouncing works fine.

A command line to do this:

rm -f mboxout; < mboxbug formail -d -I Received -I X-Debian-PR -I X-Loop -I X-Spam -I Resent -s >> mboxout

After trying this in "production", one needs to send one message per BTS pulse, or one will totally mess up the order of the messages. That's a real pity and an annoyance.


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Colin Watson on :

I've wondered in the past if it would be useful to have a variant of 'clone' that starts the new bug log from the cloning message (and maybe the original report too), so that you could start out with largely fresh history but still keep the metadata recording the link back to the original bug.

I'm not quite sure how the UI ought to work, though.

Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber on :

That's a really nice idea. But I'd like to have the relevant parts of the old bug to be directly visible. Probably, the easiest way would be to upload a mailbox of "initial history" of the new bug.

I'd also like to be able to hide certain messages from a bug log, if not delete them, as a mere mortal. Yes, I am aware of the possible implications.

Ken Bloom on :

What about clone [negative number(s) for new ID(s)] [positive numbers for messages to retain from the old bug's log]

Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber on :

Which part of "Obviously, cloning and renaming is not an option since this copies the mess" did you not understand?

Colin Watson on :

I don't think you read Ken's comment very closely. In fact his proposed interface is one of the ones I was considering; you could ask the BTS to clone a bug with just the messages you care about.

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