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How to install -dbg packages for dependencies?

To debug a ksynaptics crash, I need to install -dbg packages for all dependencies of ksynaptics.

We do not have a tool for automatically doing so, right?

If I am right, the following scriptlet seems to do the trick.


set -e


for package in $PARENT $(debfoster -d $PARENT | tail -n +2); do
  for source in $(grep-available --no-field-names --field=Package $package --show-field Source); do
      DBGPACKAGES="$DBGPACKAGES $(grep-available --no-field-names --field=Source $source --show-field Package | grep -- '-dbg$' || true )"


Just in case the combination of this blog software and your browser tries to do smart things with the quotes, pull the script from

I am open for suggestions.


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