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upstream version numbers and uscan

I have just experienced a nightmare with a watch file. The phpmyadmin upstream dumps all released files onto a single web page, and they use version numbering a.b.c-foon, which “foo” being beta, rc, or pl, and of couse a.b.c for a release version.

This has resulted in the following (probably incorrect) watch file


opts=“uversionmangle=s/0\.tar/0-5.tar/;s/beta/0./;s/rc/1./;s/pl/9./,dversionmangle=s/0\.tar/0-5.tar/;s/beta/0./;s/rc/1./;s/pl/9./” (?:.*/)?phpMyAdmin-([-0-9\.a-z]+)\.tar.gz$ 2.7.0-pl2 uupdate

As Germans say: “Gesundheit”


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