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You spend too much time with your blog, when...

... you type while actually meaning


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Josh Triplett on :

If you were typing out a URL in Mozilla or Firefox, you should try setting up a keyword bookmark. Bookmark "" with the keyword "bug", and you can then type "bug 332815" or "bug adduser" or "bug". Similarly, I have dl -> and dp -> . Try it out; it's an amazing timesaver.

BTW, the preview for this post shows it being filled with entities for & g t ; and & q u o t ; (without the spaces); I don't know if it'll come through correctly.

Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber on :

I frequently use KDE shortcuts which fire up konqueror, but some URLs are simply too hard-wired into my fingers to abbreviate.

The " issue is an issue with the blog hoster which I am not in a position to fix.

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