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Performance of the new host

20% [1 Packages 24266/117kB 20%]                                    1689B/s 54s

That's actually worse than it was with the old box.


Qbi's Weblog on : Änderungen bei Debian Security

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Nico Golde und Marc Haber waren zuletzt etwas unzufrieden mit der Performance von Doch die letzten News aus dem Hause Debian versprechen Besserung. Nach dem Update von XFree86 konnte die alte Maschine die Last offensichtlich nicht me

Philipp Kern's private playground on : Serendipity and Planet Planet incompatibility

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Could someone please fix the incompatibility between Serendipity and Planet Planet? Nico and I haven’t found the cause of the problem yet but old posts of other developers keep reappearing. I don’t know why it doesn’t happen with my own


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Thomas Viehmann on :

Performance of Mark Haber as a planet dupe provider has been enhanced to reach terrific levels. Insiders have proposed to use the same duplication technique to fix performance problems of the security host. (SCNR, but I think I saw your blog entries on planet for the n-th time...) And cookie requirements suck.

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