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Das hier ist _mein_ Netz, raus da!

Wieder mal im Usenet (<d5k7dg$ivm$>) fand ich ein Zitat von Russ Allbery, das mir aus der Seele spricht.

Er schrieb dies über die von Egoisten übernommene, aber das was er schreibt, passt auf sehr viele Bereiche dieses Netzes, das nun schon seit 13 Jahren meine Arbeit beeinflusst.

Ich zitiere ihn und bitte um entsprechende Würdigung.

And to all of the spammers and database dumpers and multiposters out there, I say this: You want to read that stuff, fine. You want to create a network for such things, fine. You want to explore the theoretical boundaries of free speech, fine. But when it starts impacting people trying to *communicate*, then that is where I draw the line. This is not a negotiation and this is not a threat; this is simply a fact. I've been through pain and joy with this network, I've seen communities form and wither and reform, I've met friends and lost friends here, I've learned things and discovered things and created things. I've seen people make a home here when they didn't have any other, not on a newsgroup, not with a bunch of electrons, but with people that they've met and communities that they've found and support that they've received from people who had just the words they needed to hear and would never have known they existed, and by God I KNOW what this network is for, and you can't have it.


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