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Discontinuing Zg2 backports for woody - No more systems left

Looks like I finally got rid of my last woody system on 2005-07-26, so two months after sarge's release it is now time to discontinue supply of woody backports on Cleaning up the actual package pool will take a whileis finished and reduced the pool from 803MB to a mere 35MB, and it looks like I'm gonna miss again the opportunity of converting my local package-pool-helper scripts to debpool.

The update was a lot easier than the potato => woody update, most probably due to the fact that I was responsible for more than fifty boxes when woody was released, while my current stable of Debian stable boxes counts well below ten.

However, none of my boxes has accessed the woody or testwoody repository on since the last update round a week and a half ago, so I will now safely assume that I no longer hold responsibility for any woody boxes.

Thanks, Debian, for providing such a very good upgradeable distribution. Average service downtime for the upgrade is somewhere around between five and fifteen minutes. Well done, Debian.


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