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My packages cdebconf blockers?

Surprise: Packages depending on debconf should have an alternative for debconf-2.0, so Joey says in a Mail to -devel. I must have missed something.

I have never heard of that requirement before, and I surely am not the only one. I won't be able to update my packages quite soon, but I'll try to get things sorted out in August.

I'll have to touch:

  • adduser - doesn't use debhelper, manual change committed to VN
  • clamav-data
  • clamav-getfiles
  • snoopy - fixed in 1.3-10, now properly using debhelper's macros

Packages that I co-maintain which are affected as well (so I need to keep an eye on):

  • aide

exim4 is not affected, Andreas has thought of that. Good.


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Andreas Metzler on :

Actually I have noth /thought/ at all but let debhelper do its magic. (iirc dhinstalldebconf fills ${dhmisc} in debian/control. cu andreas

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