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Is parallel bootup already useable?

I am wondering whether it is currently possible to run a personal laptop with Debian unstable and some init scheme that allows parallel startup of the services. Naturally, it would be very good to start the X server early to be able to log in faster.

Is this concept ready for testing and use? Which packages should I investigate? Any URLs that might be enlightning?


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Antoine on :

You have the initng package. Look at this url :

Pradosh on :

Runit seems good -

Martin on :

If you just want to start the X server faster, the simplest way is to rename /etc/rc2.d/S20*dm to S19. This has never given me any trouble.

Julien on :

What about changing the concurrency level in /etc/init.d/rc in the default sysv-rc package? This feature was introduced in sysvinit 2.86.ds1-2.

It used to work for me with 'shell', but caused some problems a few weeks ago - haven't tried to enable this option since then.

Cheers, Julien

Gustavo Franco on :


You should subscribe to the initscripts-ng mailing list in alioth, if you're interested in the subject.

There are some new init projects, like init-ng, that was cited above. Unfortunately, these projects trash the current scripts rewriting them in a lot of different and incompatible ways.

The right way is add LSB headers on top of each current init scripts, not rewrite everything from scratch. Some of our scripts in Debian already contains proper LSB headers, for those who don't you've 'insserv' package.

insserv contains init scripts with LSB headers for a lot of scripts in Debian who don't support it yet. It never trashed a system for me, but keep a live cd before the first boot around, just in case.

The insserv package and LSB headers on top of the scripts alone will do nothing, you will need to set CONCURRENCY variable in /etc/default/rcS. Full instructions at innserv package README.Debian and more information in the mailing list.

Closing, there's a Google SoC project for Debian about this. We aim a better support in Etch and probably full support in Etch+1.

See this blog entry:

Hope that helps, -- stratus

Martin-Éric on :

"insserv" gets you one step closer, but a LOT of packages still lack the LSB header in their init.d script to help insserv figure out the dependencies of all components that need to be started at different runlevels and, most of all, in which order.

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