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openssh authorized_keys "restrict" option lessens worries

Starting with OpenSSH 7.2, a new "restrict" option for authorized_keys lines has become available. It sets all available restrictions that the current OpenSSH version can do (like no-agent-forwarding, no-x11-forwarding etc). One can individually turn on those features again by corresponding new options.

This saves one from sorrows when a new capability of OpenSSH is introduced through an update which is enabled by default, since one has to remember that restricted authorized_keys lines are in unse and then to manually add the restrictions.

On the downside, Debian jessie and CentOS 7 don't have a recent enough OpenSSH. So we'll have to continue worrying about new features being inadvertendly enabled for a while.

P.S.: Yes, I haven't blogged about Linux and Debian in English in a while.


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