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co-maintainer sought for torrus

Recently, Jurij Smakov resigned from maintenance of the Debian torrus packages. This leaves me as the sole maintainer, and I need help.

torrus is an extremely powerful framework to collect and display round-robin data. It can do much more than mrtg, is cricket "done right", but is not configurable via the web as cacti is.

Its upstream is busy with their work, but active. It is written in perl and uses XML as configuration file format. It is mainly used to collect operational data from SNMP hosts and network components. It would be great if any co-maintainers offering to help would have knowledge in perl, XML and SNMP. I am currently in the process of fixing the RC bugs and, in a next upload round, other bugs that are pending.

torrus is team maintained (but I am the only active team member at the moment). Its maintainer address will be set to a mailing list with the next upload. If you want to help, just subscribe to pkg-torrus-general and/or pkg-torrus-maintainers and say hello. Your help is appreciated.


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