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DPotW: swaks

Description: SMTP command-line test tool
 swaks (Swiss Army Knife SMTP) is a command-line tool written in Perl
 for testing SMTP setups; it supports STARTTLS and SMTP AUTH (PLAIN,
 LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, SPA, and DIGEST-MD5). swaks allows to stop the SMTP
 dialog at any stage, e.g to check RCPT TO: without actually sending a
 If you are spending too much time iterating "telnet foo.example 25"
 swaks is for you.

A very important tool which makes debugging e-mail a breeze. A must for every mail admin.


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Carsten on :

thanks a lot for this great tip

Maurice Massar on :


smtptest, part of cyrus clients (any version), which cointains test-clients for other protocols (pop3, imap, lmtp) too..

James on :

You should submit this to

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