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who the f**k is magneto?

Ich hab ja nun keine Ahnung von den X-Men, aber den Test gemacht hab ich dann mal doch:


Holy crap! You are:

He's not really an X-man. Actually, he's ALOT like Charles Xavier, only on a different side. His goal is ideal, but his means are questionable. Still, he's a hero, in his world mutants are lynched and persectuted for being born. I can't say I blame him for kicking everyone's asses! Oh, and you rule, by the way.

Gefunden bei Kris und Mela.


meersau on : X-Men ... wer bin ich

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JEAN GREY!!! Holy crap! You are: Has some serious potential as a fighter, but is far too busy playing around and breaking hearts to care. I bet she's a slut, too. Oh, but she's also the Phoenix, and can ruin someone's shit at the drop of a hat.


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-thh on :

Magneto dürfte, soweit ich das mitbekommen habe, im wesentlichen der böse Wicht sein. Kind of.

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