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help needed for ATM support in ifupdown-scripts-zg2

I haven't been using ATM on Linux for some six years now. I neither have access to an ATM network any more nor do I have ATM hardware any more. Therefore, I plan to remove ATM support from ifupdown-scripts-zg2 in the next release which will be done in the next few weeks.

If anybody does still use ATM on Linux in conjunction with my scripts, you might want to offer help with the package if you want to have continued ATM support in ifdown-scripts-zg2. I cannot test the code any more and therefore cannot maintain it in the future.

partition table gone, data still present

I just wanted to make an USB stick bootable and wondered why mkdiskimage -4 /dev/sda 0 32 64 complained about the disk having too many cylinders. After a few moments, it ocurred to me that since libata, the system hard disk has become sda and that the stick was sdb or sdc. One ctrl-C later, fdisk confirmed both counts: That I accidentally started mkdiskimaging my main system hard disk and that the partition table was already gone.

A few hours later, the notebook is back in business without too much data loss. Lucky me.

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LV naming, UUIDs, file systems labels

In the last few weeks, I spent quite some time wondering about how to arrange the hard disk layout of my productive systems in the future. This article outlines my thoughts and would like to ask the lazyweb for comments.

I try to keep my Debian servers as identically as possible, making it possible to talk non-linux persons remotely through the system without having to worry about this particular box' configuration.

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rnv - immer aktuelle Fahrgastinformation

Aufgenommen an der Haltestelle Seckenheim Rathaus am 1. April, beim Umsteigen aus dem Bus 44 (+6) in die Linie 5 (+7). Der 4-Minuten-Anschluß Anschluss in Seckenheim ist immer eine Zitterpartie, und klappt regelmäßig nur Dank der Zulaufverspätung der Bahn.

Der konkret heutige Bus eines Subunternehmers hatte weder RBL noch kompatiblen Digitalfunk, so dass der Anschluß auch nicht vorgemeldet werden konnte. Einen Bus früher nehmen ist dank praktischem 30minutentakt ebenfalls nicht realistisch, denn so hätte man mehr Puffer- als Fahrzeit.